An Actor Cut Together A Compilation Of His Work As A Background Extra, And It’s Freakin’ Hilarious

It’s hard out there for a working actor — but this guy has made the very best of it.



The American Eduardo Zapata (Eduardo Zapata) lives in Los Angeles and works with a local talent agency. Zapata is an actor, and even is in the actor’s guild, but he does not get big roles and works in the crowd.




Eduardo Zapata shared a rather amusing compilation of his work as a background extra actor for a variety of different television shows, movies, and commercials. In doing so, Zapata helpfully pointed out where he was in each scene with a red circle. Some even showed him wearing the same outfit several times.




It turned out that Eduardo appeared in the crowd at Captain Marvel, American Vandal, Silicon Valley, Shameless, Sharp Objects, Footballers and American Horror Story.

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