NYPD Traffic Cop Gets Annoyed About Car Blocking The Street, Rams It From Behind At High Speed

We get it. Cars blocking narrow city streets are the worst. But, uh, you can’t do this.



An investigation is underway after the vehicle of an NYPD traffic supervisor was caught on camera ramming into multiple vehicles over the weekend.

Surveillance video shows car come to a stop behind a dark-colored sedan. Everyone patiently waits for 45 seconds, but then the NYPD vehicle rammed into the sedan before going in reverse and hitting the minivan behind him.




Then the driver can be seen hitting the gas again and slamming into the sedan once more — ricocheting off of it and crashing into a parked truck. The traffic agent can then be seen getting out of his vehicle and radioing for help.

An NYPD spokesperson said the traffic supervisor appeared disoriented and was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Police sources say he was not intoxicated.




The owner of the parked truck said he doesn’t believe the incident was the result of a medical episode.

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