Circus Lion Attacks Trainer In Front Of Live Audience

This is the terrifying moment a lion suddenly attacked a circus trainer in front of a large audience of children and parents.



The crowd screamed in fear as well-known performer Hamada Kouta was overpowered by the irate animal which sank its teeth into his arm and clawed him.




The video shows the 32-year-old trainer being floored by the big cat which suddenly turned aggressive in the ring. His arm, leg and back were mauled and clawed. The attack took place midway through a circus performance in Lugansk, a city in eastern Ukraine.

The animal finally retreated out of the cage but it left the audience stunned. A mother watching with her two children said: “My heart stopped when the lion pounced at the trainer.”




Kouta claims that his troupe of lions were unsettled because they were made to perform soon after arriving in a new location.

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