Snow escape! Laughing women fail to climb out of ice prison

A slippery frozen crater leaves visitors to a snowy park screaming in hilarity as they fail to escape what has been dubbed an ‘ice prison’. The Oktem Park in Russia features shallow pits dug out of a frozen lake which visitors try to climb out of.





In this clip five people form human ladders as one woman even stands on another to try to get enough grip to leave the pit. Others just jump at the walls in an attempt to leap high enough to escape the crater. But all five visitors laugh hysterically as they slide back to the centre after each attempt. Dressed in scarves, hats and thick coats these visitors are enjoying a warmer day in the park just 50km south of the city of Yakutsk, Yakutia.



With temperatures from November to February reaching between -23.8°F (-31°C) and -95.8°F (-71°C) it is reportedly too cold to go outside. But in summer months temperatures rise to between 5°F (-15°C) and -49°F (-45°C) at night and -13°F (-25°C) to 32°F (0°C) during afternoons. The slightly warmer but still freezing temperatures led to attractions such as the Oktem Park opening.



The video, filmed on March 11, shows people trying to escape the popular ‘ice prison’. But it is so difficult to climb out the craters the attractions have been called ‘Ice prisons’ since their introduction to the park in 2010.



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