I’m not ssscared! Little boy relaxes in the giant coils of a deadly python

This is the terrifying moment a young child plays with a massive python in Indonesia. The patient snake lets the boy pick up its head and move him about what appears to be a family home.



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The child stands among the giant snake’s coils and sits with the python wrapped around him. The person filming the video never intervenes and appears content to let the boy play with the dangerous snake. Whenever the python starts to slither away, the boy picks up its head and moves it back. Pythons are commonly found in Indonesia and throughout south-east Asia.



The deadly animals kill their prey by constriction, showing how unafraid the boy was to sit among its coils. It normally targets smaller animals but has been known to take down adult deer, antelope and even people.



In 2017, the body of a 25-year-old Indonesian farmer was found whole inside the belly of a seven-metre python. And a woman, Wa Tiba, was also swallowed whole by a python in Sulawesi in Indonesia.



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