Clever monkey speedily sliding down a temple’s handrail in Nepal

Hilarious footage captures a monkey sliding down stair railings like a teenager as it tries out the fun mode of transport in Nepal. It’s behaviour seen in young humans in urban city centres around the world but this incident captured at a temple in Kathmandu city, Nepal’s capital, involved a monkey.





Much to the amusement of onlookers, the monkey was seen alighting the steps, however, what set it apart from others was the route it chose. While others preferred the stairs, the primate thought it would be wise to use the railings, placed in the middle.



It was seen coolly sliding down using the steel railings as its preferred transport in the footage captured on February 22.



The act indeed brought out laughter and amusement and many were also seen appreciating the monkey’s well laid plan. Many of Nepal’s temples have resident monkeys who have become used to the regular flow of people and often beg for food.



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