Man Catches Wife Cheating With Best Friend After ‘Leaving Dashcam Switched On’

A man accidentally filmed his wife cheating on him with his best friend, when he left his dashcam switched on at home, he claims.



The man – who’s been married to his wife for 20 years – reportedly left his dashcam at home believing it to be broken, but was in for a nasty surprise when he took a look at it afterwards.




The device is said to have captured his wife and best friend (who’s reportedly also the mayor of his town), embracing and kissing. The man, known only as Mr Yang, released the footage earlier this week to Shang You News, which is affiliated to state-run Chongqing Daily News Group, the Daily Mail reports.

Yang, from the city of Mudanjiang in the southeast part of Heilongjiang province, China, claims the footage was taken in 2016, and the couple have since split up as a result of the alleged affair.




Stating he and his wife – who is a secretary for a local discipline watchdog – divorced in 2018, Yang said he was left devastated when he saw the footage.

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