Dicing with death: Dog walker is nearly swept out to sea as an enormous wave smashes into her

This is the terrifying moment a dog walker gets smashed by huge waves crashing over a seawall during a violent storm in Devon. Shocking video footage shows how a woman put ‘her life at risk’ as violent waves battered the coastline at Goodrington beach, in Paignton, Devon.





Wayne Kingsley who filmed the footage, watched with his son and wife in ‘disbelief’. He captured the clip at around 7.45pm on Friday, as huge waves battered the shore and he said the woman could have been ‘swept out to sea’. The video shows the powerful waves move wooden beach huts up and down the promenade.



It was high tide and strong easterly winds were creating large waves big enough to damage the huts and hurl seawater towards nearby homes. But when Mr Kingsley noticed a woman walking a dog along the flooded path below him, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.



The lady continued along the path some 40 feet below Wayne and initially stopped at the side of a beach hut to avoid a wave. But then she carried on and was almost immediately struck by a large wave.



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