Bossy girlfriend tells partner exactlyhow to take picture

Taking the perfect photograph sometimes takes a lot more work than it first appears. And this demanding girlfriend is certainly making her boyfriend pull out all the stops to capture the perfect shot.





Amusing footage shows the girlfriend directing her boyfriend on how to take her picture among the cherry blossom in Japan. The woman dressed up in a traditional kimono to have her photograph taken as the cherry blossom blooms reached their peak in Tokyo. She posed in front of a glorious tree covered in white sakura. Everything seemed to be perfect, apart from her partner’s smartphone photography skills.



In a clip many young couples can relate to, the woman was seen becoming increasingly frustrated as she pointed out to her boyfriend how to take the most photogenic image. Onlooker Richard Smith, from the UK, recorded the video while visiting the well-known cherry-blossom viewing site Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.



He said: ‘Poor guy. I think most men know how he feels.’ Cherry blossoms are an important Japanese symbol linked with Buddhism and associated with beauty.



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