Tourist Downs Entire 2.5L Of Milk After Being Stopped By Airport Security

The man bought some milk because it was cheaper to buy it in Australia than their native China. According to the video owner, buyinh milk in Australia is cheaper than getting water in China.


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Pear Video reports that the bloke, a tourist from Zhengzhou in east China’s Henan province, was walking through an Australian airport with a three-litre milk bottle, which had already been partly consumed.




However, when he got to the security checkpoint – the place that puts the fear of God in even the most innocent of travellers – he was stopped by staff, who told him he violated the 100ml hand luggage liquid restriction… and by quite a long way, as he still had 2.5 litres of the stuff left.

That was when the man grabbed the carton and downed all 2.5 litres of milk left in it.




The video footage of the milk lover chugging the good stuff went viral on Chinese social media, where net users compared the clip to a scene in a popular 2010 Chinese comedy film called Lost on Journey – which sees Niu Geng, a man who works as a milk extraction technician decide to down a gallon of milk after being stopped by airport security, only to later need the bathroom repeatedly throughout the flight.

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