Man Gets Mauled By Lion He Was Attempting To Pet

Wife screams out after her husband sticks his arm through the fence of a lion enclosure, and is promptly mauled by a lioness.



The tourist nearly had his arm ripped off after putting it through the fence of a lion enclosure.

Pieter Nortje went to stroke a lioness while his wife took a video. However, the predator mauled his limb and he is now in a serious condition in hospital.




Pieter, 55, was being given a guided tour of a game lodge in South Africa to celebrate his wedding anniversary. He went to pet the beasts and can be seen stroking an adult male’s back and tickling it behind his ear.

A young lioness approaches the fence as Pieter leaves his arm waving dangerously in the air. The lioness locks her jaws down on his right forearm with her teeth penetrating to the bone and drags him towards the fence.




The predator holds his arm for five seconds and appears to maul it with her claws as Pieter desperately tries to break free. His panicked screams distract the lioness who lets his arm go put as he pulls it back through the enclosure wire, it is pouring with blood.

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