Student Arrested For Attempting RKO Wrestling Move On Teacher

A US teen has been arrested after allegedly trying to pull off a wrestling move on his headteacher. And not just any old wrestling move – Randy Orton’s RKO.



Eighteen-year-old Gianny Sosa was charged with attacking his headteacher at Southridge Senior High School.




Sosa, from Cutler Bay, Florida, attempted the RKO on Humberto Miret in a school hallway. Footage of the altercation was caught on mobile phones and school surveillance cameras.

Speaking after he was released from jail on bond, Sosa said: “What I did, it wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody. I understand he had to use some force ’cause he might be worried, but the situation escalated when he took me into a private classroom with no cameras and continued to use force.”




Sosa’s sister Camila has spoken out in the teen’s defence: “He did tell all of us he was just going to hug the principal. He wasn’t going to harm him in any way and if he really wanted to harm the principal in any way he would have to do the RKO move from a distance. Like you just can’t walk up to somebody and grab him by the neck and drop him.”

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