Weightlifter’s Arm Snaps In Two Places After Horror Lift At Tournament

A French weightlifter has broken her left arm in two places at the European Weightlighting Championships. You’ve probably guessed, but consider this your warning for some toe-curling images.



Thirty-one-year-old Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke was attempting to lift 110kg – her career personal best – in the women’s 76kg category at the event in Batumi, Georgia.




She had failed to complete the lift earlier, but on her third attempt, while she managed to get the bar above her head, her left arm buckled and gave way under the immense weight.

The French team at the event has since confirmed Nayo Ketchanke’s left arm was broken in two places during the incident. She was rushed to hospital for immediate surgery.




Amazingly, she still walked away with a bronze medal for her 103kg opener.

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