Australian Prime Minister Says ‘Hello’ In Chinese To Woman Who Replies ‘I’m Korean’

The Australian Prime Minister would like to be Prime Minister for another term, but has started his campaign with an embarrassing gaffe.



Under the ever-watchful eye of the press, Scott Morrisson headed out on the campaign trail in Sydney’s most multi-cultural neighbourhood, the suburb of Strathfield, on Saturday April 13.

Yup. There’s filmed video evidence of the Prime Minister of Australia saying hello to a Korean woman in Chinese.




Shaking hands with a woman as a group of journalists watched on, he said: “Hello, how are you? Ni hao, how are you?” (Just FYI, ‘ni hao’ means ‘hello’ in Chinese.)

The woman then quickly replied “No, no, no, I’m Korean”.




As you can see in the clip, Morrison hovered for a few moment to listen to her remarks before moving on to talk to someone else.

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