Guy Hunts Down Kids Who Egged His House And Makes Them Clean It Up

A prank backfired for two schoolkids when the owner of the house they’d egged tracked them down and forced them to clean up the mess.



Gas engineer Jack Oldroyd adopted the persona of Liam Neeson, circa Taken, when he returned home from an eight-hour shift to discover his front door covered in the gooey mess.




The 22-year-old used his particular set of skills to determine the hit and run was recent, as the egg was still runny. Knowing he was in with a chance of catching the culprits, he sprinted to his computer, which stored CCTV footage of his house.

Jack compiled a hilarious home movie documenting his revenge.




Although he didn’t engage in any intense, Taken-style fight scenes, Jack did confront the schoolkids, who apologised and promised to clean up the mess.

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