Fed-Up Father Turns The Tables On His Crying Baby By Wailing Back At Him

This dad gaves his baby a taste of his own medicine.



The clip begins with the deafening noise of Azio crying, as the baby screws up his face and flaps his arms.

But after just nine seconds, Russell has had enough and starts to scream over the top of his son.




A confused Azio then stops crying and stares wide-eyed back at his father who continues to whine for a whole minute. When he finally stops, Russell asks the baby ‘you don’t like that huh?’ and says that it’s ‘very annoying’.

Azio, still perplexed by the role reversal that just happened, looks back at his father innocently.




Surprised at the success of this technique, Russell said: ‘I never tried it before so I’m just lucky it worked the first time!’

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