Mailman spooked after barking dog breaks window

Home surveillance video captured the hilarious moment when a mailman got spooked by a barking dog. As if the pooch’s loud barks weren’t scary enough, the freaked-out mailman really jumps when the window suddenly breaks.



The video, filmed on a home security camera in the US, shows the mailman approaching the front porch to deliver a bundle of letters. He wanders up to the door to deliver a bundle of letters – but the noise of his approach causes the dog, named Buster, to bark loudly.

But as the mailman meanders back down the stairs, the dog pushes hard against the window causing it to break.




A loud shatter can be heard as glass flies everywhere causing the man to scarper quickly away.

He exclaims ‘Oh!’ as he runs back to his van in fright, terrified the dog will come charging out the house after him.




Luckily Buster appeared scared by the sudden smash and decided not to chase after the mailman.

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