Former US Marine crawls over finish line of Boston Marathon

A former soldier battling PTSD was forced to crawl to the finish line of the Boston marathon after his legs gave way. Micah Herndon, from Tallmadge, Ohio, served in Afghanistan in 2010 and ran the 26.2 miles in three hours and 38 minutes to remember three comrades he lost in combat.





But at mile 22 his legs gave way and Micah was forced to slowly and painfully crawl across the finish line. And while other runners who passed by celebrated crossing the finish line the pained but determined expression on Micah’s face showed a very different experience. As soon as he reached the end of the marathon, he was lifted in to a wheelchair and given medical attention.



Micah ran with the names of the men lost during the attack in Afghanistan on tags on his running shoes. Mark Juarez, Matthew ballard and Rupert Hamer died in 2010. And as he ran he said their names in his head to keep him going.





Micah crossed the finish line with a time of three hours and 38 minutes after he was forced to slow to a crawl by the end of the race.



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