Strangers Save Blind Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks Seconds Before The Train Comes

Strangers saved a blind man from being hit by an oncoming train after he fell onto tracks at a metro station.



The unidentified man fell onto the tracks at the Medical Center Station in Bethseda, Maryland, while attempting to navigate his way around the platform using his cane.

Getting closer and closer to the ledge, the man suddenly fell onto the rails with a train bound for Glenmont heading his way.




22-year-old Brendan Cawley was commuting to his job at Union Kitchen when he spotted the man, running over the help. Although he tried his best, Cawley alone was unable to pull the man up.

As two other men, both dressed in business clothes, rushed to his side, Cawley told them ‘we need to get him up now’ and they did, pulling him back up to the platform.




The three men pulled up the blind man from the tracks with around 20 seconds to spare.

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