Man Breaks Three World Records Landing A 250-Foot Car Jump

Driver Li Qilong clears a jump across the Yangtze River nearly twice as big as the previous record set by driver Ke Shouliang, who jumped across the Hukou Waterfall in 1997.



Footage shows Li Qilong, 40, speeding up a runway before flying through the air across the source of the river in China’s Qinghai Province.

His car zooms along a rickety wooden runway which judders under the weight of the car.




Onlookers are enthralled as the car reaches the end of the runway and seems to fly through the air. As the car soars through the air its framework seems to lift up from its wheels.

Once the car clears the distance, 250 feet, it comes back to earth and hits a giant blue inflatable landing mat.




Guinness World Records has been contacted for comment.

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