An Unfriendly Reminder To Never Trust A Tarantula

Don’t listen to that arachnid-loving friend of yours who insists they’re harmless.



Arachnophobes look away now! This is the moment that a pet tarantula launches at its owner in a terrifying viral video.

In the 14-second clip, an Iowa woman is seen calmly putting food in her pet spider’s tank using a pair of tweezers. Suddenly, to her surprise, the tarantula named Dandy launches itself at her hand as the woman screams in fear.




‘Dandy! You b***h! Oh my god,’ she shouted as she desperately shook off her eight-legged attacker.

Although it was certainly a surprise to the pet owner, the spider’s actions in the January 19 footage were completely natural and not necessarily an attempt to bite the woman.




‘In this video you see an Avicularia Avicularia having a feeding response from her back leg being touched. It looks like she’s is in attack mode which isn’t the case at all.’ the description from reads.

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