Phillies fan runs on field to mock security with ‘Fortnite’ dance

What does one do when the Philadelphia Phillies are absolutely destroying the New York Mets? I guess the answer is to get onto the field and cause a scene in front of the home crowd.


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Sometime between innings of the 14-3 blowout of the Mets, a fan found his way onto the field and ran around evading security.




The fan actually made one security personnel trip and fall to the ground, which gave him enough time to do a popular Fortnite dance, ensuring us of what we already knew: the security guy took a major L.

To rub it in, the fan looked at him as he hit a Fortnite dance before ultimately giving up and letting security take him away.




What’s crazy is that the security didn’t really run hard after him. In fact, they were rather relaxed about the whole thing.

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