Angry Woman Tries To Get Refund From A Burger King While It’s On Fire

This woman is determined to get her Burger King refund…burning buildings and all!



Employees at a local Burger King inform a drive-thru customer that the building is on fire and to move her vehicle. That lady wasn’t having it.




In the video, people can be seen shouting at a woman, probably convincing her to stay away from the store. She parks her car on the side of the store and instead of saving herself, she argues with people saying ‘I don’t give a fvck’ and she wants her money back. She also can be heard mocking the people for working at a Burger King.

Yup, she’s making fun of them for working at burger king but shes so cheap she expects people to literately run into a burning building to refund her 8 bucks.




But let’s not be too quick to judge her. She may have been having a rough day. And well, Burger King’s slogan is “Have it your way” not “Have it when there’s no fires”.

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