Gorilla Figures Out How To Get Through An Electric Fence, Starts Banging On Zoo Window

In our view, you gotta release this gorilla into the wild now — he’s passed the final test.



A young gorilla squeezed through the gaps in the electric fence separating the members of the public and the enclosure at Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands.

After his Houdini-like act, the animal started banging on the glass window pane, which the filmer believes is “just to say hello to the visitors.”




The filmer, a keen animal watcher, explained: “This gorilla youngster from the Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands is just incredible. He managed to get through the other side of the electric fence that separates the window and their enclosure just to say hello to the visitors. He then looks for a good spot to get back to rest of the gorilla group.




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