18-foot PYTHON has to be rescued from a garage roof after escaping from its owner’s home in Detroit

A Detroit neighborhood got a slithery surprise when an 18-foot python was discovered creeping across a rooftop after escaping from its cage. Spectators from all over the neighborhood gathered on the street after a pet reticulated python called Juliet was spotted slithering over the roof of a Detroit home’s garage Thursday night.





In a video posted on Facebook by its neighbor Latonda Harvey, the 18-foot-long snake could be seen winding its way back and forth across the rooftop, seemingly unperturbed by the growing crowd of people, police and dogs below. Juliet’s owner, Devin Jones-White, who had been called by a neighbor, could be seen up on the roof, retrieving the errant pet after he rushed home from work.



A fearless Jones-White then directed the snake off the roof by first encouraging it to climb down a nearby lamp post. When that failed, he then carefully shoved the snake’s head off the roof so that she started to stretch her long body towards the pavement below. Jones-White quickly jumped from the roof, nearly injuring himself when he landed awkwardly on a chain link fence, to catch the snake and wound it around his body while pulling her to earth.



It turned out that Juliet had escaped from her cage which Jones-White admitted he hadn’t locked properly before leaving for work, but said that it was the first time the eight-year-old snake had managed to break free from confinement.



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