Motorbike with no lights crashes into pick-up truck and explodes in a huge fireball

Shocking footage shows the moment a motorbike driven by a teenager burst into flames after he crashed into a pick-up truck in upstate New York. The crash happened on Wednesday on the U.S. 41 in Sullivan County, when a pickup driven by Travis Pitcher overtook the 16-year-old male riding a motorbike.





The bike was an off-road type motorcycle. It had no taillights and was unlicensed, Sullivan County Sheriff’s department said in a statement. The teen has not been named. Pitcher swerved to avoid him but sideswiped the motorcycle and the teen was thrown off onto the side of the road. The motorcycle subsequently tumbled down the roadway, as Pitcher veered off to a side lane.



As the motorcycle came to rest on the roadway, police said a southbound Ford pickup truck driven by Steven Parker from Illinois, then struck the motorcycle. The motorcycle’s fuel tank ruptured and the the bike exploded underneath Parker’s truck. Parker was able to stop and escape the pickup before being injured, police said.




Sheriff’s officials and firefighters could not initially find the teenager as they searched the crash scene, looking under vehicles and in ditches nearby. Approximately ten minutes later, deputies spotted the teen walking about a half mile from the crash scene.



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