Talented ten-year-old performs backflips on a prosthetic leg

A talented ten-year-old is going viral for performing backflips with her prosthetic leg. JaMiyah Robinson from Columbia, South Carolina, was born with a rare condition called femoral deficiency, which made her left leg much shorter than the right.





When JaMiyah was five her mother, LaShawn Jacobs, had to make the devastating condition to have her daughter’s foot amputated. Five years later, JaMiyah is thriving as a dancer and gymnast, who can do backflips on her prosthetic limb. After the amputation JaMiyah had to work hard to gain agility with her prosthetic.



JaMiyah’s passion for dancing was ignited as a toddler when she used to make up routines with her big sister Zaniyah Dixon, 12. Now JaMiyah performs with a troupe called the Elite Forces of Destruction that has been featured on the Lifetime channel.



JaMiyah, who want to be a professional dancer when she grows up, said: ‘Never say that you can’t do anything because you really can, you just have to try.



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