Straight back in the saddle! Horse rider seen remounting horse after falling during race

This is the incredible moment a young man falls from a horse, hitches a ride on a motorcycle and is lifted back on while it is still mid gallop. The boy, who is riding a palomino pony, falls when it slips on a tarmac road in the Sangli district of western India’s Maharashtra state.





A gang of motorcyclists and another man riding a brown pony are also travelling at speed along the road. And one motorcycle narrowly misses hitting the boy as he falls from his steed. The horse quickly jumps back up and continues along the road at full gallop. The boy, who seems to be completely unharmed, hitches a ride on one of the motorcycles.



But that is not the end of the boy’s horse ride as while one man steers the motorcycle, the man sitting behind him lifts the boy from his seat. He is lifted from the motorcycle back on to the animal.



They even have to grab the horses reigns to bring it closer to the motorcycle and allow the boy to clamber back on. The boy is back in place and the horse continues galloping at speed towards the group’s destination.



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