Floodlights explode and crash down onto basketball court

This is the terrifying moment floodlights exploded mid-way through a basketball game, sending a hoop crashing to the ground. Players and spectators ran for cover after the wiring burst into flames during a league match in Manila, the Philippines, on April 4.





Footage shows a bright flash light up the outdoor court followed by a mass of sparks falling to the ground. One player narrowly avoids the sheet of sparks as they smash down into the centre of the court. A second explosion comes moments later, causing the overhead lights and their metal casing to plunge to the ground.



The blast was so powerful that one of the basketball hoops crashed to the ground. Miraculously, no one was injured in the explosion which local officials have blamed on faulty wiring in the spotlights.



Spectator Deobert Sas said: ‘We were just watching the game when it suddenly got dark and sparks were everywhere after a loud sound. We panicked of course. Thank God no one was hurt.’ Following the dramatic scenes, the game was postponed to allow time for the court to be repaired.



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