Thief punching victim from behind knocking his teeth into his lungs before searching his pockets as he lay in a coma

This is the shocking moment a ‘violent thug’ punches a student from behind before rifling through his pockets and leaving him in a coma for weeks. The incident took place at around 5am on Sunday, August 19 in Marylebone, west London as the 23-year-old victim, who is from Spain, was returning home from a night out.





His injuries included a fracture to the skull and a bleed on the brain and were so horrendous his teeth were knocked loose and later had to be removed from his lungs. Shock CCTV footage shows the moment the unprovoked attack took place, as the vicious thief runs towards the young man before launching a devastating punch. The suspect then searches the victim’s pockets as he lays unconscious, stealing a phone, wallet and cash in the process.



He then cynically drags the victim behind a parked car before leaving him lying in the road. The suspect later entered a nearby hotel and calmly try to order a taxi to take him from the area. CCTV shows him walking in the area that night.



Detective Karl Lewis, from Westminster Borough, said: ‘This was a completely unprovoked assault on a young man walking home after a night out.



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