Head over wheels! Cyclist misjudges corner and flips over brick wall

A cyclist who misjudged a corner performed a 360-degree flip over a garden wall while a border collie lies unfazed beside him. John Heavey, 50, received a panicked phone call from his ten-year-old son, Bradley, last Tuesday that their garden was full of people as there had been an incident.





John rushed home to find his front yard empty, but with smears of blood all over the paving at his home in Barnsley. It wasn’t until he checked over his CCTV that he discovered the blood was from his friend Ricky Murphy ploughing a bicycle into his wall at high speed.



Hilarious footage shows Mr Murphy flying over his handlebars, flipping in the air and landing face first without even attempting to use his hands to break his fall.



The cyclist lands next to Mr Heavey’s dog, 15-year-old Shep, but the high-flying fail doesn’t appear to disturb the dog’s afternoon nap.



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