Rooftop Pool Spills Everywhere As Earthquake Hits Manila

The swimming pool on the roof was shaken so hard that water went spilling out of the Anchor Skysuites, a residential building in the Binondo district of Manila.



The Philippines was hit by a 6.3 earthquake last Monday causing some major damage to the city and taking the lives of at least 16 people. Most of the damage was experienced in the town of Porac, 110 km north of the country’s capital Manila.




A video has emerged that show a weird result of the natural disaster – a skyscraper’s pool being emptied as the building sways. The building located in Manila Binondo district was shaken as the tremors ht the city, causing the rooftop pool to spill over its side.




Called the Anchor Skysuites, the mixed-use building is the tallest building in any Chinatown around the world outside of China. Video posted on YouTube shows the cascade of water making it about halfway down the building before it gets turned into a windswept mist.

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