Futuristic Hat Is Perfect For Sleepy Commuters

This sleeping guy found the perfect subway hack: a light-up baseball cap asking fellow straphangers to wake up him before he misses his stop.



One wise transit rider figured out a very practical method for ensuring that he woke up in time for his stop on a New York city subway.




A commuter snapped video of a sleeping passenger who was wearing a hat with a scrolling electronic message that instructed strangers to wake him up before he arrived at the 34th Street station in Manhattan.

“Wake Me Up Before I Go Go …. Past 34th Street,” the hat read in scrolling letters — a reference to Wham!’s 1984 pop hit.




‘I look down and see this hat and say “wow this is cool!”. I took out my camera and posted it to my story,’ said cameraman John.

It is unknown if someone had to wake the man up or if he woke up on his own volition.

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