Police Condemned For Handcuffing 9-Year Old Boy

The mother of a 9-year-old boy said her son was leaning against a car when police in Washington, D.C. chased and handcuffed the child.



Attorney General Karl A. Racine told news outlets Wednesday about the review into how the department deals with children. He says those practices will then be compared to other departments. The child wasn’t charged with a crime and was released into his mother’s custody.




The boy’s mother also said that the officer called her son a slur and then fled. A video from a bystander shows the child running and an officer following and reaching for him.

The officer can be seen grabbing the boy’s jacket and then walking him to a police vehicle, holding both his hands. The boy is squirming and crying as he is moved and the officer starts to handcuff him.




A relative came to the scene and called the boy’s mother, who drove to the location. The mother said officers could not explain to her why they detained her son.

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