Police firearms instructor risks life by dodging live bullets

A police shooting range instructor could face disciplinary action for playing ‘dodge the bullet’ on a live firing range. Jawdropping footage shows the brazen man tell training cops to ‘start shooting’ before he walks straight across their line of fire.





A one he begins to jog back and forth across the room, adding in unpredictable movements as bullets whizz past his head. He was training four cops from the civil police homicide investigation unit at the Superior School in Parana, south Brazil. The footage, which lasts for an intense 50 seconds, finishes as one of the officers appears to have a problem with their weapon which brings the shooting to an end. Luiz Moura, director of the police training school, told local media the activity is not part of the training courses offered at the establishment.



Moura revealed that the hazardous session used live and dummy bullets. However, he refused to confirm whether the officers shown firing off shots in the video were firing live ammunition at the time. The instructor is heard shouting at the beginning of the session: ‘Start shooting’ before beginning to walk in front of each target as the officer stops shooting.



The trainees appear to hold their nerve as they fire and react quickly hugging the weapons to their body when the moving target appears in their line of sight. No one was injured in the exercise however, Parana civil police said the training officer, who is highly qualified with several bravery awards, had breached basic safety rules.



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