Dock Jump Results In Epic Faceplant

A man trying to jump off the Ipswich docks in Suffolk, England, was met with a face full of concrete instead. While his first jump was impressive, the second attempt didn’t go so well.



As he runs around raising his arms in the air a crowd gathers by the dock in Suffolk. Before he attempts to pull off the trick he walks backwards to give himself a run up.

He sprints towards the edge of the wall and just as he leaps into the air he catches his foot on a metal chain.




As the chain pulls him back from the edge he comes crashing down face first. He lands with a thud as his face smacks into the concrete and leaves him motionless on the ground.

The man filming the video instantly runs over to his fallen friend and asks him whether he’s okay.




His hand is spattered with blood and there seems to be a small pool on the ground but the man’s spirits don’t seem dampened.

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