This Is Why You Should Always Check What’s On Your Drink

If she wasn’t salty before, she will be after.


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In a terrible nightclub fail, one party-goer tries to take a hit of the smooth liqueur, but ends up with a salty taste in her mouth.

The funny video was captured at a bar in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.




Out for a night of fun, two girls – along with their friend who is filming – are seen partying at a club. Looking in the mood to celebrate, one of the girls picks up some shots from the bar.

As the girl further away licks a small line of salt from her hand, the soon-to-be salty victim picks a glass of pure white up from the bar. But totally unaware of her mistake, she opens her mouth wide and necks the lot.




She can then be seen drinking her shot before giving a quick wince.

Unable to stomach the huge quantity of sodium, she quickly spits it out, much to her friend’s amusement.

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