Woman Figures Out Clever Hack To Get Into Pay Public Restroom Without Paying

The filmer of the video found herself without the necessary change to access a public restroom. Luckily for her, her cocker spaniel was here to save the day.



Lola the cocker spaniel runs under the toilet’s exit gates to trip the sensor and cause them to open in Ayr, Scotland.

Captioned ‘life hacks’ the video, filmed on the dog owner’s phone, starts with the camera facing the entrance and exit gates to a public toilet.




The owner can be heard saying:’When you don’t got 30p for the toilet.’ She then called her cocker spaniel.

The dog sprints in to view of the camera as she runs underneath the glass gates and whirls round to face her owner. A beep sounds the opening of the gates as the woman says: ‘yay.’




Her owner said: ‘I had no money for the toilet when she ran underneath and we realised it opened on her way back out.’

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