This Ape Figuring Out How To Use A Smartphone Is Mind-Blowing

Most of us would be horrified to learn how many days or weeks of our lives we’ve spent mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, feasting on memes and influencer #content until our eyes turn red.



The thing is, the app is so well designed to suck you in that even apes can’t resist it. Seriously, check out this video that appears to show a chimpanzee who figured out how to use a smartphone.




Once you get over the initial shock of seeing a chimp so easily navigate an iPhone, the clip is pretty dang delightful, though — to be clear — it’s possible the footage isn’t real (it’s on the internet in 2019, after all). But as you can see, the lil’ guy seems totally entranced scrolling through Instagram, pausing to watch certain photos and videos, and even tapping to and fro to explore the grids of various accounts.




Understandably, though, he seems primarily interested in browsing through pics and videos of chimps.

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