Confused Labrador Barks At Painting Of Dog

A 2-year-old Labrador in Abergavenny, Wales, mistook a painting of a dog on a wall for a real pooch in a cute new video.


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A yellow labrador barks at a black outline of another dog every time he passes it as he views the painting on the wall of the shop front as a threat.

The two-year-old labrador probably mistakes the black image of a dog, painted on the wall, for a real dog and begins barking to warn it to stay away.




The painting is meant to show dog owners where they can tie their pooch up before browsing inside the shop.

But Bugsy was having none of it and his owner Richard Millar might have a hard time trying to tie him next to his terrifying nemesis.




And this is not the first time the labrador has taken a disliking to the outline. Richard said: ‘Was just walking to the pub when it happened, It was filmed in Abergavenny by me and he barks every time we pass it.’

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