Owner Risks Life To Save Cat Stranded On 60ft High Balcony

Everyone can claim to be an animal lover, but have you ever scaled a massive building to save a cat’s life? Thought not, in that case you are not a true animal lover.



One absolute hero (or idiot, depending on your point of view) however, from Toronto in Canada, spotted a cat in danger on a neighbour’s balcony and decided to take action.




In a video filmed from the building opposite the Liberty Village, we can see the pretty terrifying moment that he hops over the balcony and begins the treacherous walk across the narrow ledge joining the balconies together.

Completely unphazed by the fact he’s inches away from a six floor drop, the man, who didn’t want to be named, saunters towards the unsupervised cat.




Jeff Powell, who took the video and posted it on Instagram told CTV that he was shocked by how casually the man rescued the animal.

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