Grandma With Alzheimer’s Climbs Down The Outside Of Tower Block

This grandmother clambered down the outside of a high-rise building after relatives locked her inside a flat. Watch the video below.



In the clip, the 90-year-old woman can be seen carrying a small red canvas bag as she escapes, having been locked in the building after her family feared she was showing signs of dementia.

The incredible video was filmed by her neighbours on 25 April in the Shenghuacheng Residential District in Dayi County, which is in Chengdu, the capital of south-western China’s Sichuan Province.




The elderly woman, who is carrying her belongings, lives on the 14th floor, and it is believed that she refused to be confined to the flat when her family went out.

In the video, which shows several dozen concerned neighbours watching on, the elderly woman slowly makes her way down by stepping on the metal ventilation covers for the air-con units.




She reportedly reached the fifth-floor ledge below and went no further until staff inside the gated community came to her rescue.

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