WWE Referee Breaks Leg During Fight But still Finishes Match

Referee Tom Castor was officiating a bout between Tyler Breeze and NXT North American champ The Velveteen Dream when he snapped his leg.



But despite his foot facing in the complete opposite direction, the brave official still manages to finish the match.




Shocking footage is doing the rounds online, showing Castor rolling on the canvas, holding his mangled leg as the match continues around him.

Incredibly, he then manages to summon the strength to turn over and carry out the one-two-three count as Dream pins Breeze. Hard as nails.




Castor has now spoken out since the horrific accident to thank fans for their kind words and support.

NXT is the official development brand for the WWE and is responsible for training some of the future stars of the company, who will eventually go on to perform at Smackdown and Raw.

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