The Most Dangerous Amusement Park In American History

A local emergency room reportedly received between 5 and 10 people with injuries suffered at the park every single day.



People go on thrill rides for the same reason they watch horror movies: to get that rush of adrenaline that comes from being scared senseless, only in a safe environment. The only problem? Amusement park rides, unlike horror movies, actually do kill people.




There have been so many deadly, dangerous rides at New Jersey’s Action Park. There’s good reason the park earned the nicknames “Traction Park” and “Class-Action Park,” as no fewer than six people have been killed at the park over the years, with causes including everything from drowning and electrocution, to being hit in the head with a giant rock.

Most infamous of all the rides was the famed Cannonball Loop, a water slide with an enclosed loop in it. Nobody actually died in it, but the park had to build a hatch into the loop so stuck visitors could climb out before they drowned or got hit by another patron.




Eventually, they just shut it down completely, along with the whole park, in 1996. Good thinking. They’ve since reopened with an emphasis on not killing or maiming people. Also good thinking.

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