Jack it in! Truck flips over when mechanics lift it up to get a look underneath

This is the moment bungling mechanics in Thailand were working on a truck when it flipped over and fell to the ground. The vehicle had been lifted up onto the hydraulic stand to have the clutch fixed.





But the work didn’t go to plan. While one mechanic was using a jack to lift the truck up even more, it spun around almost crushing the workers. The incident was captured at a car repair shop in Phuket, southern Thailand, in October 2018.



As the truck does a full swing around the bar holding it, it actually bumps into one of the men who was lucky to escape serious injury. The other men paw at the vehicle as it dangles, seemingly in a doomed attempt to catch it.



To add insult to injury, it would also appear that the blunder came on one of the first jobs of the day, happening at 9:45 local time.



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