Angry wife catches husband dancing on stage with coyote dancers

This is the hilarious moment a husband’s night out took a disastrous turn when he was busted by his furious wife for cutting loose with some coyote dancers. The grinning husband was clearly enjoying the country fair in Phetchabun, Thailand, as he partied up close and personal with six girls on stage.





But his rather hands-on entertainment came to a dramatic end when his wife stormed up to the stage and began hurling objects at her disgraced partner before dragging him away. Unsympathetic witness Num Thodthong said: ‘His night changed from being the best to the worst, he should have known that his wife might have seen him.’ The 43-second clip shows the back of the casually-dressed husband dancing behind a young coyote dancer who is vigorously shaking her hips to the band’s music.



As he turns around to face the camera, three more girls run over and encircle the beaming man who makes no attempt to stop them, even when one runs her hands over his trousers. However, the video then pans out and his reveals the man’s wife, dressed in a floral dress, stomping over to the stage where she throws something at her husband. The man then sheepishly climbs down from the raised platform and tries to but a consoling arm around his wife.



But she does not see the funny side and sharply digs her elbows into his chest to push him away before launching into a verbal tirade. The video ends with the pair walking off into the night which will probably involve a lot of telling off and a lot of grovelling.



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