Dude Tries Starting A Chainsaw While Holding The Blade Between His Legs!

Check this smart guy out. Not sure if he understands how chainsaws work, but this won’t end well if it fully starts up.


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I couldn’t stop watching, but I didn’t want see that saw start either.




The video taken in a place where there’s ongoing construction, shows a man in uniform trying to start a chainsaw placed between his legs.

The video cuts off after a few seconds so there’s really no ending here. It was just meant to give us anxiety.




Of course we can assume this video is made as a joke. But if it was me, there’s no way anyone could convince me to do that, even as a joke.

I believe eveyone should treat a chainsaw like it’s always spinning, the same way you treat a gun like it’s always loaded, even if you know it’s not.

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