Man Throws A Snake Into A Woman’s Car Window As She Drives By!

Many people are open about their fears, especially when they fear snakes and spiders. But even to people that have no problem with snakes, having one thrown on them would be terrifying. Even more so if they were driving a car at that moment.



A video showing a man throwing a snake into a passing car left Mzansi in shock.




In the video, the driver records as they drive past a man holding a snake by its tail. Just then, the man throws the snake, and it comes flying into the car through the window. The video ends shortly after.

People who have seen the video couldn’t believe that someone would do something so horrible.




It’s not clear what happened to the driver, but something like that could easily result in a car accident as the person tries to avoid getting bitten by a snake that is undoubtedly upset by its treatment.

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