Here’s A Beluga Whale, Claimed To Be Russian Spy, Bringing Someone Back Their Phone That They Dropped In The Water

A couple of weeks ago, a mysterious visitor appeared in the open waters around Hammerfest, Norway — a beluga whale fitted with a harness.



Little is known for certain about the whale’s origins, but it’s suspected that he was trained by the Russian navy, from which he’d apparently defected. Since then, freed from the harness, he’s continued to linger nearby.

Recently, however, something was discovered about the whale’s personality: He’s actually quite considerate!




The beluga whale returned an iPhone to its owner after it was dropped in the ocean. Isa Opdahl posted the bizarre clip, captioned “when animals are kinder than humans”, on Instagram on Sunday.

The whale slowly emerged to the surface holding the phone in its mouth, before it was taken by its grateful recipient.

Unfortunately, water damage had made the phone inoperable by that point, but Mansika was appreciative regardless: “I love animals!” she said. “The whale is so kind.”




It’s unclear if the beluga whale is too accustomed to humans to thrive in the wild on his own, given his apparent training, but officials say they are keeping his best interests at heart. According to the Washington Post, a plan is being considered that would have him relocated to a sanctuary in Iceland — a thoughtful gesture toward one who’s already shown the same.

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