A Possum Living Inside This Woman’s Grill Just Had Babies!

What would you do if you found a possum and her babies living in your grill?



A North Carolina woman recently shared a video of a family of possums living in her grill, and Twitter can’t decide whether its cute or scary, but can agree that the grill belongs to the possums now.




On Saturday, Twitter user @cozzi_cat shared a video of a mama possum and her babies living in the pull-out drawer of a grill. In a later tweet, the woman said “this is our old grill we just hadn’t moved it off the deck prior to the possum babies and now we can’t…I’m not tryna eat that possum bodily fluids.”




The tweet has been liked more than 477,000 times and retweeted 119,000 times with responses ranging from “your hissing opossum mom is bringing me so much joy” to “this is the most terrifying thing i have ever seen in my life.”

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